Don James Bio

Don JamesDon James is a pure dose of truth. He grew up from city to city and attended the School of Hard Knocks on the eastside streets of Charlotte, NC. He has gradually established himself as a powerful element in Hip Hop’s future. The official debut mix-tape “the Don James Story” is a revelation of eccentric factual sentiment. It is a solidification of Don James innate talent. In pursuit for financial backing to get Don James’ music out the way it “should be” , he persistently strives to make good music for the masses.

He has a “LOVE HATE” relationship with music. As an entrepreneur, his passion for making good music has driven the dedication of time and investment in self. However, Don James refuses to be put in a boxed category of music. He doesn’t strive to be a star. He just wants people to listen to his music.

Don James introduces Sweet Connect

Sweet Connect is the brand he represents. Don James established Sweet Connect as a way to get off the streets and on to the right path for the sake of the ones that look-up to him, his nephews. Don James established the Queen City Boys Club in 2009, a non-profit which currently works with troubled youth, mostly young males, to avoid them from picking up guns and hustling to survive. He is mindful to his listeners. Perhaps the most notable sign of change and maturity came when Don James became a father. Today his life is dedicated to his children and family: willing to “die for his family”.

Don James has worked with artists such as Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, Freeway, Jerimih, Lil Ru, Princess from Crime Mob, Mass Spike Miles, Yung Ralph, OJ Da Juiceman, Project Pat, and Pastor Troy. Don James popularity exploded with drive when the link with Metro Proponent was aligned. Metro Proponent was the missing link to a team effort that has proved to be a milestone in his career. Under professional management with a renewed sense of vision, plans for an album, touring, bookings, co-promotion deals, endorsements, on-line promotion, more philanthropic efforts, and other opportunities are ahead.

When you talk about the underground hip-hop scene, Charlotte NC has always been the underdog to its surrounding cities. Cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, & Miami have a well know pattern for creating celebrities. Charlotte, North Carolina has been misrepresented for far too long.


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